Friday, October 19, 2007

A quiz programme in Delhi Zoo, on wildlife Week (1st - 7th Oct , 2007)

It was World Wildlife Week from 1st October to 7th October. So many Students from 20 Schools (2 from each School) very enthusiastically reached the Delhi Zoo (The Delhi Zoological Park). School children were quite excited about the Programme as it's part of School life to win some prizes on such occasions. Everyone wants and so much desire that.Getting something of a Prize or being the Winner was like 'A manna from Heaven'. The Children were accompanied by their respective Teachers who later were gifted some small token of love as gifts from WWF,Delhi. It was organised by TRAFFIC, Education Division (WWF) and Delhi Zoo. The venue was so cool and very green and Pleasant. Amidst all that, I could see some Tiny Tots from nearby Creche enjoying in the battery run Vehicles with their caretakers and Teachers. It must be their very early encounter, of the tiny beautiful faces, touring the insides of Delhi Zoo. It was all smiles. It was such a sweet and lovely sight. But, I was engaged with my work in the Quiz Programme. I can only gaze them back with a smile. It was a few seconds of unasked joy, momentary yet simple. Spring Dales, Daula Kuan(Delhi) emerged the Winners with a tough Competition from Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Vasant Vihar(Delhi. It ended hopefully, being everyone the Winner because everyone present there was aware of the importance of the Animals and Wildlife. Can we ask for more?