Friday, August 31, 2007

A Love Story of Two elephants .

I Know Elephants are one of the most Lovely, Loving creatures on Earth. Working, reading on Animals, I very honestly and can proudly confess that I love animals like never before. Life without them must have been unimaginable. I was in awe of the Elephants that they can talk in their ultrasonic sounds. It is not possible for humans to hear all this. They have a Matriarchal Society where a mother Elephant leads and they have feelings as much as Humans for they mourn when they lost their loved ones and even a Programme on Animal shows Elephants coming all together at one of the burial sites of their fellow Elephant. It's so sweet and surprising. ( these information I got from my Dad as he once saw a programme on Elephant). Very amazing and astounding is they exactly came at the exact site exactly one year after the dead burial as if to show love, remembrance and concerns as we humans do. And some days back, I was quite excited, baffled, bemused as well as I read in the 'Times of India' that "Two Elephants eloped". It makes for an interesting read to all. The male Elephant was two years younger, a wild Elephant and the female Elephant a circus trained or, so urban bred, to be precise. The circus elephant was supposed to perform along with her 3 other companions. But, the show got cancelled and in the lull one of the eloped companion 's best pal, her companion was so sad, it grieved and it didn't even touch its food and was seen remorse in her sweet friend's absence. Since, its mating time for Elephants during these period of the year, the two Elephants have found their place- solitary space somewhere near water areas. These incident was reported from West Bengal. The circus Manager said that the Elephant was worth Rs 4 lakhs. For a while the Elephants are in Whirlwind Romance, but for how long will it remain so remains quite unsure, vague and doubtful. But, it was comical, amusing perhaps hysterical and side splitting reading it. It will really be a Mammoth Task separating the Elephants in Love, totally Out of Control.

A word of Thanks

Yesterday, When it was just about Tea Time, there was an invite for a high Tea. Everyone hurriedly reached for the Party and was having rounds of coffee, Tea and hot Snacks. It felt good that WWF have solely invited everyone so that the lower employees like the gardeners, security guards, Drivers etc can be shown a heartfelt "Thanksgiving" which they truly deserved. These are many people who work most of the times even at odd hours and it was good to learn that their work didn't remain unpraised and unnoticed. Indeed, It was a very cheerful and jovial moment for everyone .

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Silken Threads . The Bond of Love and Protection . - Rakhi / Rakshabandhan .

A celebration of Brother- Sister Love. That's Rakhi for all. Its an everlasting promise that of a brother to a sister for the loving sister's protected life. Whenever the hindi song crooned, like "Bhaiyya mere, raakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana..bhaiyya mere, choti behan ko na bhulana.. dekho ye nata nibhana, nibhana bhaiyaa mere... " . No one can remain oblivious but ponder and become sentimental. It often happened to be Rakhi when these songs were heard from Radio and FM's channels in far away places in North India. Many times, it turned out to be Rakhi, even if remained unaware of the festival. Its a festival celebrated globally. Even though, I came across in life about friends who remain a bit pensive as they don't have real brothers. They thought if they had real brothers they would get all the love and gifts as all the real sisters got. Even if a stranger boy is tied a Rakhi by a girl, both of them consider each other as brother and sister, remained closer as pure relationship than other blood relations. Even though the love bonding and significance between brother sister has been the same. Something has changed drastically over the years. That's to do with exciting expensive gifts galore comprising from e-gadgets, mobile handsets, laptops, ipods, Jewellery, Spa treatments, holiday packages, makeover packages, Kitchen sets, Microwaves, movie tickets.. U name it and its there as one of the Rakhi gifts. The silk thread (Resham Dagha) has been renovated time and again. Now, Rakhi bands like Gizmo Rakhis ( displayed tricks), cartoons Designs, Harry Potter, Spiderman, Hanuman, Power Ranger, Mr Bean ,Jadu(of Koyi mil Gaya Fame, Krish, Plastic Cell phone rakhi, Feng shui fills the markets stores. So, sisters are also not lagging behind, trying out with every innovative ideas to impress and please their beloved brothers, or exclusively to have an edge of the love they cater for their brothers. So , putting together ideas or using lucky bands, based on Feng shui with return gifts comes naturally to sisters in this happy auspicious occassion. There are also sisters who don't care about gifts and prayed for the Brothers happiness and well being or just want to have her brother at the beck and call on the day of Rakhi, if not possible the whole year. That, I feel is the essence and beauty of Raksha Bandhan. Being there, whenever a sister needs a brother, as love pervades all, I called that Rakhi - The thread of Love and Protection. So, Rakhi brings to everyone joy, its a joy of celebration which has its significance from vedic times. Its consumer seller 's satisfaction, consumer with the Goodies, booty and retailer, the prized money they make. For business is really good during Raksha Bandhan .Makeshift shops also mushrooms up for Rakhi . Eventually, Rakhi comes everyyear with a whole package of love entertwined with gifts, sweets and a new renewed doubled up Love/ bonding of every Brotherly - sisterly affection. Its Win - Win situation for all. The Cadbury's Chocolate ad depicts Rakhi in a very meticulous loving way/ style- The little sister tying the knots carelessly and putting the tikka and sitting with a long face. And her face lits up with a smile and hugs him when she saw the specially designed and packed chocolate giftpack in his hands.

Rakhi this year falls on 28th August (2007)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Can Children make a difference in the field of Environment ?

Some students from Delhi assembled in WWF, India for the 'All India Launch of Educational workshops on climate change' - Young Climate savers. It was good that it was a joint venture of WWF, India and Tetra Pak. Rounds of introductions and presentations followed by the Distinquished Guests as well as by Directors and CEO. But as the programme was wholly meant for the Young School Goers and how they should be made aware of the Drastic Climate change and Global Warming. Many kids from Sanskriti, Vasant Valley and other Schools in Delhi turned up for the occassion. Enthusiastic kids gave their view points and question sessions followed and continued for quite a long time. The children got their gifts for showing interest, asking questions, Presentations and their talks. These were one of the many endevours to encourage the School Students who are the future citizens to help bring about a change and make a difference to People's life in the field of Environment and Climate change as well as Wildlife. I think the Programme was a grand Sucess observing , noticing the Children's curiosity and rapt attention. It can just prove to be a very holistic aproach towards a Better Environment and a Living Planet.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Funny Mistakes

Funny things do happen to me sometimes.It so happen today, one of my Orkut frens sent me an invite for the Shelfari- for the book lovers. As I was busily working and simultaneously wanted to check out on what d guy had sent me. I just in the process invited everyone including my two Bosses. I just could n't find my fren online n I was asking everyone possible,How to do it undone? That's was impossible. The Dictum of Napolean, "Nothing is impossible " comes to of little use. I came to know about that when I checked my Yahoomail. Finally, When I was in a one to one meeting, I ask one of my Bosses (Junior one ) if by mistake he got a mail from me. He can't help laughing. I told him its OK with U. Problem is I 've sent it to D Senior Boss also. So, When D Senior Boss called to discuss something on my work. I just put it through and shoot - Sir, Did U get a mail from me by error. Please delete it and Smile. He told me OK. And I was free of that struggle to remove, thrash my account. I came back home laughing and having a Good time.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Recent Cinematic Experience

The most recent movie I saw was Chakde! India. Actually, I was suppose to see the movie just a day after it was released but ended up seeing it a day later. As I was late and my ticket happened to be a complimentary one ( supposed to reach atleast half an hour before ). So, I was left high and dry with the tickets in my hands . My younger sister and I 'm so positive about life. We finally concluded, we should n't feel sorry ( she was blaming me.. m so used to IST! I can't help.) So, the new Satyam, I bet it has the best cinematic experience . Nowadays, I 've stop watching movies in other Multiplexes .. at Saket and Priya (Sorry PVR Groups, Ur Loss). Luckily, I have seen and read in Hindu Newspaper about people thronging in Oh! Calcutta so many times. Those people happen to be no doubts Bengalis like Riya Sen, Palash Sen and all . We ended up having whole loads of Good food there and we forgot that we already miss out a movie which was very preplanned. So, My sister can't help about Oh! Calcutta. I was a bit astonished as it came from someone who doesn't even praise 5 star hotels around Delhi. I was pleased. After all it was my idea of having the weekend Dinner at that particular place. No Pun intended! She can't help raving about all those handsome guys in Oh! Calcutta (I have to put an end to that by expressing the Manager at the Restuarant wasn't bad either , he was Handsome ). Enough of girlish talks. Lets come to the movie part. Ya, It was Chakde! India . It left me spellbound from the start to the end. As I stated, I was late the other day. We were well before time munching Popcorns and waiting eagerly when it will start and when we can have the fun on the D-day . Honestly, I don't like Shahrukh's movies. Only movie I like among his movies is DDLJ. I saw that when I was still in School. My friends and we went and we were quite excited and I was all the very more excited as I didn't take permission from my parents. Forbidden fruit is always Sweet. (I saw it without telling my parents, but on the way My younger sister noticed me from her friend's house and she spilt the beans before I reached home. That was about it. ) Chakde! India was the 2nd Film I like from King khan's Films. The theatre was jammed-packed and with the happening crowd, laughing, crying and having all that a good movie provides. It depicts Patriotism and Sportsmen spirit vividly. It entertained us and I like ShahRukh's acting for the first time. He did justice in his part of a Hockey Coach. Sportmen spirit shown did justice as I happened to see at my hometown about an all Ladies Hockey final with my Younger Brother,Dad and his friends. I was in School then. So, the weekend I spend was a truly satisfying one, a pick of one of my best Weekends so far.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Freedom and Independent India in 2007

Its been 60 years now since our Independence. Its very much a boon to be borned in a Free India, where we can say very easily," Mera Bharat Mahan ". But, Can we forget all those sacrifices made by our Freedom fighters as well as by the masses? The Bloodsheds, the chaos of a divided India -"Azad Bharat"into Pakistan and India.The pains of Separation, the Destruction, the Hindu Muslim riots, enmity, uncertainties of those Days. The thoughts that run on the minds of the Hindus who shifted to India - Will we ever see our India? And where People are free from the shackles and Shadows of the dominating Britishers looms large. But then, People traveled all the way to a free India with pining Hopes. Material Goods, they left behind and in the new hope of the Better Prosperous India, they clutches, only holds tightly to their few bare necessities and belongings and for their Dear life. It was a Mass sorrow, Struggle and Problem. Problems that were of the Country and that gave those People the much needed courage and overcome all the perils and dangers. I think in Today's India, 60 years later we are fulfilling those dreams, the dreams our Great leaders and our many unnamed fighters and masses once dreamt, without which it was a very unattainable, impossible fight and without a solution , an answer. Indeed ,we've somewhat fulfilled some of their dreams of a shining India, Prosperous and ever Dynamic, where there are no vagueness and insecurities, where the refugees shifted from Pakistan to Delhi and elsewhere can remember with a pride that they have come a long way and they have made, An India-A Dream come true. But I can never deny their tears whenever they enlightened me of those stories of partitions, their escape in the midst of mass killings with hurried desire and longings to reach India, losings many People's life, staying hungry, awake waiting for the much awaited dawn of security. The time has really come now with the 60 yrs of Freedom and Independent India. None of their sacrifices, valour, matrydom had gone waste. Because we, the Present youth and the whole of India believe in the Best of India and it will be a fulfilled Dream for all .. Vande Mataram .. Jai Hind.