Friday, December 21, 2007

The Tiger Trail

It was in Ranthambore National Park that I saw a Tiger for the first time in the wild. Many held their veiws and said I was indeed lucky to see the Tiger. I have seen Tigers many times before, White Tigers and many other Tigers,all in the zoos. I saw the White Tiger for the first time at Vand Vihar in Bhopal, M.P.Its been so many years by now. Ranthambore National Park is abundant with wild life. We started our trail early in the morning to get the 100% Gaurantee of meeting the Tiger. When, I saw it face to face, it was very majestic. Really, reminds me of the poem "Tiger" by William Blake (Tiger Tiger. burning bright,In the forests of the night;What immortal hand or eye. Could frame thy fearful symmetry?.It was a long trail about an hour or two going from one place to another trying to trace its path. There were so many water holes where they frequently visit. The Tiger was not afraid or wary of the human crowd. It stare at us and made its way towards the hills upwards. Apart from Tigers, Rathambore abounds with Wildlife like Nilgai, Chinkara, Snakes, crocodiles, many monkeys. We halted for sometime during the trail as we happen to see some pugmarks. It turned out to be that of a Bear after much speculations. Everyplace was full of animals,the forests being decidous, nothing could do much to mar the view of the Wildlife. The Drive was both rough and tough, as it has rained some days back. So, the topography of the forests was fresh. There's a Fortress inside the park and many lakes where there were so many marsh crocodiles. We stopped at Jogi Mahal which also served as the Resting place after a hard day tracking the Tiger. Padam Lake also is full of Crocodlies and Peafowls can be seen everywhere near the famous ancient Banyan tree near Jogi Mahal. Indeed, it was good to make a trip to Ranthambore and it was worth it.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The International Polar Year Celebration.(March 2007-March 2009)

The International Polar Year focused on the Arctic and the Antarctic putting the importance of polar regions and its influence on our day to day lives.

The polar regions face significant challenges caused by social and environmental changes as direct impact of human activities. It is essential to assimilate the scientific finding & reduce anthropogenic pressures, create awareness on receding ice and impacts on people & culture.

WWF-India and National Council for Antarctica and Ocean Research (NCAOR) Goa celebrated it. A number of guest lectures and student’s activities were organised across the country round the year to generate awareness and stimulate a sense of urgency, discovery and our role to reduce the impacts of climate change and save the poles.
An exhibition of the models, posters, slogans, projects submitted by various schools across the country was displayed in in WWF- Delhi.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Streax..Savvy Cover Girl Contest

 Pictures from the recently held Savvy Cover Girl Contest at the Grand , vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Miss  Sanaya Tuli emerged as The Coveted Winner amongst much Fanfare and Glamour Packed Contest.     

Seashells and products.

This are some of the stalls which were selling Sea Shell
and its many Products in many different beaches in Goa.

WWF-Worldwide Fund For Nature

This is the WWF-office(Secretariat), Delhi. I work here. This picture depicts my office with the mosaic picture of the Tiger pasted on the office building, an effort to save the Indian Tiger from extinction.

A Book Release..5thNov.07



A Book Release : Sustainability Reporting.
The Business Case 2007.
Mr . Arun Shourie, M.P Rajya Sabha was the Chief Guest at the Function.
Held on 5th Nov.2007. I attended it at Mantosh Sondhi Centre, CII Central Office, Lodi Road, New Delhi .