Saturday, December 8, 2007

The International Polar Year Celebration.(March 2007-March 2009)

The International Polar Year focused on the Arctic and the Antarctic putting the importance of polar regions and its influence on our day to day lives.

The polar regions face significant challenges caused by social and environmental changes as direct impact of human activities. It is essential to assimilate the scientific finding & reduce anthropogenic pressures, create awareness on receding ice and impacts on people & culture.

WWF-India and National Council for Antarctica and Ocean Research (NCAOR) Goa celebrated it. A number of guest lectures and student’s activities were organised across the country round the year to generate awareness and stimulate a sense of urgency, discovery and our role to reduce the impacts of climate change and save the poles.
An exhibition of the models, posters, slogans, projects submitted by various schools across the country was displayed in in WWF- Delhi.


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    Please do keep putting up such informative stuff....

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