Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bannerghatta National Park in 2014... A must visit in Bangalore.

Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore-2014.
The Lion

It's always very enjoyable to visit Wild Life Sanctuaries, National Parks around India. At some point of time visiting Wildlife Sanctuaries was part of my job. Bannerghatta National Park in Southern part of India is a recent visit and I was so enamored again in the world of wildlife. The drive to Bannerghatta National Park is a smooth drive and not that long as it's a National Park almost in the viscinity of the Bangalore city or a bit outskirt of Bangalore, just a few 22 Kms away in the hills of Anekal range. The park consists prominently of a Biological reserve - The Bannerghatta Biological Park, a Zoo, Butterfly enclosure, Snake Park etc. 

The day was started by taking tickets for the grand Safari, which was reasonably priced for adults at Rs 260 for the grand Safari (Tiger, Lion, Bar & Herbivore Safari). As being enthusiast Photographers, took cameras to shoot the wildlife in its Wilderness. For still camera, it charged Rs 25 (Indians). I came to realize that Boating was also there, which I missed out. Jeep Safaris were also there, but I chose the one with the Bus service and I have had expereinces of Jeep, Elephant, Bus altogether before. I found the Bus service by KSTDC tremendously satisfactory though I have to do some running to get the right angle for the Wildlife pictures. So, decided to take the Jeep safari on my next visit. Ultimately, travelling with loads of people was so nice instead of Jeep Safaris with few people for a change. 

A Tiger resting in one of its waterholes.

Once inside the Bannerghatta National Park, got to see so many Wild Animals in a sequential order one after another, not like random, I used to always experience before, after so much trail. Here, for the simple fact, that there were separate enclosure for different animals - Elephants,  Bears, Lions, White Tigers, Bengal Tigers besides Deer, Sambar etc. 

Best part was getting to see the animals from such close encounters, distance and getting to take the pictures without disturbing the wildlife as much as we were safe in the caged vehicle.

It turned out to be a trip into wilderness with so much to offer to us. Couldn't ask for more. It was followed with a trip to the zoo, which equally left us contented. It was a Zoo visit after so many years. I felt animals kept in Zoo must be cramped as I have seen animal  in their natural habitat or wilderness all the time. There were Snakes of different kinds as the Zoo was of reptiles, different birds, mammals etc. Seen the Brow Antlered Deer (Sangai), Black Bug, Mithun, Himalayan Black Bear, Ostrich, Crocodiles, Hippopotamus, Owls, love birds, etc 

I will like to have a special mention here about the Brow-Antlered Deer/Sangai as I didn't expect and for the simple reasons, its inhabitant is at my state, Manipur. Well, when I used to go for School/college trips or Family New Year Trips, I never could sight any Deer so far, though we used to go many time, year after year at Keibul Lamjoa National Park only. So, It was so good to see the Sangai. And next was Black bug, which I have heard so much. So, got to see both as they were put adjacent.  

Never thought again that a visit to a National Park and Zoo will be as good as I have experienced. Well, Bannerghatta National Park didn't disappoint me at all. Infact, it made my day.


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