Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Silken Threads . The Bond of Love and Protection . - Rakhi / Rakshabandhan .

A celebration of Brother- Sister Love. That's Rakhi for all. Its an everlasting promise that of a brother to a sister for the loving sister's protected life. Whenever the hindi song crooned, like "Bhaiyya mere, raakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana..bhaiyya mere, choti behan ko na bhulana.. dekho ye nata nibhana, nibhana bhaiyaa mere... " . No one can remain oblivious but ponder and become sentimental. It often happened to be Rakhi when these songs were heard from Radio and FM's channels in far away places in North India. Many times, it turned out to be Rakhi, even if remained unaware of the festival. Its a festival celebrated globally. Even though, I came across in life about friends who remain a bit pensive as they don't have real brothers. They thought if they had real brothers they would get all the love and gifts as all the real sisters got. Even if a stranger boy is tied a Rakhi by a girl, both of them consider each other as brother and sister, remained closer as pure relationship than other blood relations. Even though the love bonding and significance between brother sister has been the same. Something has changed drastically over the years. That's to do with exciting expensive gifts galore comprising from e-gadgets, mobile handsets, laptops, ipods, Jewellery, Spa treatments, holiday packages, makeover packages, Kitchen sets, Microwaves, movie tickets.. U name it and its there as one of the Rakhi gifts. The silk thread (Resham Dagha) has been renovated time and again. Now, Rakhi bands like Gizmo Rakhis ( displayed tricks), cartoons Designs, Harry Potter, Spiderman, Hanuman, Power Ranger, Mr Bean ,Jadu(of Koyi mil Gaya Fame, Krish, Plastic Cell phone rakhi, Feng shui fills the markets stores. So, sisters are also not lagging behind, trying out with every innovative ideas to impress and please their beloved brothers, or exclusively to have an edge of the love they cater for their brothers. So , putting together ideas or using lucky bands, based on Feng shui with return gifts comes naturally to sisters in this happy auspicious occassion. There are also sisters who don't care about gifts and prayed for the Brothers happiness and well being or just want to have her brother at the beck and call on the day of Rakhi, if not possible the whole year. That, I feel is the essence and beauty of Raksha Bandhan. Being there, whenever a sister needs a brother, as love pervades all, I called that Rakhi - The thread of Love and Protection. So, Rakhi brings to everyone joy, its a joy of celebration which has its significance from vedic times. Its consumer seller 's satisfaction, consumer with the Goodies, booty and retailer, the prized money they make. For business is really good during Raksha Bandhan .Makeshift shops also mushrooms up for Rakhi . Eventually, Rakhi comes everyyear with a whole package of love entertwined with gifts, sweets and a new renewed doubled up Love/ bonding of every Brotherly - sisterly affection. Its Win - Win situation for all. The Cadbury's Chocolate ad depicts Rakhi in a very meticulous loving way/ style- The little sister tying the knots carelessly and putting the tikka and sitting with a long face. And her face lits up with a smile and hugs him when she saw the specially designed and packed chocolate giftpack in his hands.

Rakhi this year falls on 28th August (2007)


  1. Nice post. I only got to experience it only after I went to study in Himachal as it's not part of Manipuri culture. Haven't had a Rahki tied to me for a very long time.

  2. its really a nice piece u worote about rakhi...and please tell dada to give us some good gifts...i am missing him terribly ..cos he is so excited about this thread....brothers are like god..the day is really a worth to keep.

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