Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baha'i ( House of Worship)/ Lotus Temple


Delhi has so many places of worship and attractions. Lotus temple can be counted as one. With the metro line passing nearby, anyone can see the Lotus temple while traveling on the Delhi Metro. Traveling to Lotus temple has been quite easier for Tourists as well as Delhites like never before.

Lotus temple attracts lots of foreign tourists as much as Local people. Its a much visit for anyone who's visiting Delhi for the first time.

Bahá'í House of Worship, popularly known as Lotus temple so named because it looked like a flower specifically that of a white Lotus is a piece of aesthetic artwork or an architectural marvel.

Once considered to be most visited even compared to the Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal, even today Lotus Temple is visited by almost all the tourists who visited Delhi.

The best part of the place of worship is it let everyone in. Silence is maintained inside the structure where everyone can pray without making any noise or disturbances. It's very strictly made to maintain by its volunteers so that everyone can have a peaceful prayer time. People of all religion can worship here.

Though, I used to stay very close to these temple. I never could visit Baha'i or Lotus temple until sometime back recently. I only have visited many, many years back a few times when I first started staying in Delhi and again few years after that. So, when I shifted my accomodation nearby to these places. I was quite thrilled I would get a frequent chance to visit, which never ever happened even once except for few visits at Isckon temple. But, I kept on thinking of visiting Lotus temple quite often. It was visible from the terrace top of the building I used to stay. Watching from the terrace was that all I managed.

With time, I forgot that the Lotus temple existed in Delhi. I shifted to another place in Delhi, have been out of town for some years. And I got the chance, unplanned when everything about it was erased from my mind. Once made the effort, when parents visited us to visit, but it was a monday and so found it closed.

A promise perhaps, so to say, I made to myself that I will visit it with my cousins... as siblings have started telling me that will be a superb idea... I enjoyed thoroughly my visit with my cousin and Nephew when I did it at their recent visit to Delhi. All thanks to Delhi Metro, which saves me from driving all the way there of some 80 Kms (to and fro)... Loved and cherished d moments, laughter and contentment :) Truly Divine :)