Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Recent Cinematic Experience

The most recent movie I saw was Chakde! India. Actually, I was suppose to see the movie just a day after it was released but ended up seeing it a day later. As I was late and my ticket happened to be a complimentary one ( supposed to reach atleast half an hour before ). So, I was left high and dry with the tickets in my hands . My younger sister and I 'm so positive about life. We finally concluded, we should n't feel sorry ( she was blaming me.. m so used to IST! I can't help.) So, the new Satyam, I bet it has the best cinematic experience . Nowadays, I 've stop watching movies in other Multiplexes .. at Saket and Priya (Sorry PVR Groups, Ur Loss). Luckily, I have seen and read in Hindu Newspaper about people thronging in Oh! Calcutta so many times. Those people happen to be no doubts Bengalis like Riya Sen, Palash Sen and all . We ended up having whole loads of Good food there and we forgot that we already miss out a movie which was very preplanned. So, My sister can't help about Oh! Calcutta. I was a bit astonished as it came from someone who doesn't even praise 5 star hotels around Delhi. I was pleased. After all it was my idea of having the weekend Dinner at that particular place. No Pun intended! She can't help raving about all those handsome guys in Oh! Calcutta (I have to put an end to that by expressing the Manager at the Restuarant wasn't bad either , he was Handsome ). Enough of girlish talks. Lets come to the movie part. Ya, It was Chakde! India . It left me spellbound from the start to the end. As I stated, I was late the other day. We were well before time munching Popcorns and waiting eagerly when it will start and when we can have the fun on the D-day . Honestly, I don't like Shahrukh's movies. Only movie I like among his movies is DDLJ. I saw that when I was still in School. My friends and we went and we were quite excited and I was all the very more excited as I didn't take permission from my parents. Forbidden fruit is always Sweet. (I saw it without telling my parents, but on the way My younger sister noticed me from her friend's house and she spilt the beans before I reached home. That was about it. ) Chakde! India was the 2nd Film I like from King khan's Films. The theatre was jammed-packed and with the happening crowd, laughing, crying and having all that a good movie provides. It depicts Patriotism and Sportsmen spirit vividly. It entertained us and I like ShahRukh's acting for the first time. He did justice in his part of a Hockey Coach. Sportmen spirit shown did justice as I happened to see at my hometown about an all Ladies Hockey final with my Younger Brother,Dad and his friends. I was in School then. So, the weekend I spend was a truly satisfying one, a pick of one of my best Weekends so far.


  1. u have titled it as recent cinematic experience ..but you have talked more baout oh! chalcutts than your movie....dont you think you should change title of your post?????
    focuss dear focus...!!!!

  2. Dear, Anyways .. Thanks for the Feedback .. When I said the Cinematic experience .. It meant the whole experience .. So , Oh Calcutta also I feel comes under it .. Besides .. I was giving a review of the movie .. After all Who wants to read story telling .Happy Reading !That's all I aim at and I pretty much deliver that .

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