Sunday, November 23, 2008

By the Ganges 2

Continued from "By the Ganges, Haridwar /Rishikesh".

After a leisurely Breakfast. We headed to Haridwar. Reaching Haridwar, we were so lovingly and warmly welcome. Official work followed, but then in our heart of heart, we,three of us who were there for the business trip was looking forward to some adventure. So, hoping to accomplish and finish work perfectly at the right time was our motto of the trip. The drive was pretty smooth one except for occassional places. The scenic beauty entralled us no end. I 've to confide here my Mexican colleague was sleeping and perhaps was dreaming a sweet dream on the way. She already told me, she just came back from a disc as she had to bid some friends from Israel Goodbye.I guess, that was important and crucial too. She second it too.

When we were about to reach Haridwar, she told me curtly, she dreamt a dream. I wasn't surprised, I didn't ask her what was the dream about. Well, I was n't in my Dreamland, but among villages of India where anyone can feel the utmost realistic life and enjoy in the greenery and the cool landscape.Official work was swallowing up all the time. Finally,in the pretext of filling up of the Holy Ganges water, we were strolling for a few minutes by the side of Ganges. Later, We got time to sit silently and clicked picture with evening twilight as the background.

I always have the habit of letting people listen to the roaring of the water. I tried that by the Ganges in this trip. Some years back, I tried out that back by the Beas in Himachal Pradesh, before the Airtel Ad. came out with that idea.

I told our Driver to record the roaring of the Ganges water, he had records of so many things like the original chirping of birds n sounds of animals from their natural habitat and he 's always the first one to point/ sort out wild animals in the many Jungle Trips with all the right names.

He can be counted among good ornithologists as well, because of his knowledge about birds. I told him to abreast me of the birds name in the tour inside Rajaji National Park which we did tour.

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