Friday, November 14, 2008

By the Ganges 5

Continued from "By the Ganges, Haridwar/ Rishikesh "

Third day was a new day, as we geared to head back to Delhi, after a meaningful, soul stirring visit to the Ganges banks for a holy dip.

People were bathing in the early twilight. It was considered and believed a dip in the Ganges cleansed the humanly bodies from worldly sins. When I told this to my Mexican fren, she dipped her head in the water. Ultimately, it was NIRVANA time for all of us as we three all have a hearty laugh. It was quite funny and at the same time so sweet.

The cute part of the whole trip was she was visiting the interiors of Daksh Mahadev Temple for a prayer the first day we visited the place,remembering she kept on telling me she hardly visited churches (We were thrilled.)and She bought Bhajan songs for her Mexican friends back home in Mexico was quite amusing and sweet gesture too.

The trip was good for all of us with some shopping, picking stuffs just as souvenir.

On our way back,we have a look at the Patanjali, Ramdev Centre and the sugarcane field where we got some sugarcane and Jaggery (Gur)just for the fun sake.

The workers were asking us to click the live making of Jaggery and they have a dekko(look) of it too in the Digicam.

We did that to our and their heart's content,Willingness.

Haridwar was simply a Gateway to God:tranquil and majestic.

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