Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dona Poula Beach

Goa, the name itself is very much synonymous with Beaches.There are so many beaches in Goa. I visited some of them.Just the day after I reached Goa,we headed to Dona Poula from Panjim (Panaji, Taxis/Cabs are easy to get from there and quite reasonable for tourists as well.Before, we head out for the beaches, we got a brief idea of the Panjim market and nearby places as we walk down the nearby places and take some pictures as well. We visited a lifestyle store, check out on places where we can get the very famous Goan Fenni, wines, Cashew etc. Dona Poula is the first beach we visited after we reached Goa, as it was nearby about 7 Km from Panjim. Dona Poula is distinctive by itself as it is not only the meeting point of two famous rivers of Goa in Arabian Sea but it had its mystical significance with the story and myths of Dona Poula where the place has been named so. The beach is famous as shooting locales for many Films (Ek duje keliye was picturised over here)and for its mysterious past. The story of Dona Poula attracts many tourists here with its romantic mysticism as it is believed that the spirit of Dona Paula de Menzes, daughter of a viceroy (in colonial India) haunts the beach It is said that she threw herself off the cliff when she was refused permission to marry a local fisherman, Gaspar Dias. Locals say that she is sometimes seen emerging from the waves on a moon lit night. One can as well try out many of the watersports such as diving, skiing, surfing, sailing, etc here at the Dona Paula beach.Floating, light swimming and sun bathing on the shores are also done by some people. We tried biking the water scooters. It was fun and everyone has a ball of a time doing that. Many small shacks , restuarants, small shops were there which sold shells, colourful dresses, hats (which was good). Of all, the sweet corns (Typical of Maharashtra) and Indian snacks and savouries (Bhel puri, Gol kapas)were total and full Thumbs Up.We have to break our promise of not eating as we did a heavy lunch. We were reminding,as where will we get such a right time to catch up eating all these stuffs, better to eat typical of the place was all we do. We ended up eating everything from cakes, wafers, Murukus, sweets and what not. Tea rounds were so good at that time just observing the scenic beauty from atop. By the time , one of our friend joined us,it was almost like the sun was about to set. So, sharing with her again a cup of tea,my cousin and I did the rounds of watching the people fishing there as they catch many small fishes while my sister was having a good time with the friend who has just arrived. Crabs can also be seen. No doubt, Dona Poula is a popular tourists spot with all the cool breeze, palm trees and everything that can enthrall any romantic and adventurous person.

Monday, November 26, 2007

My Holidays in Goa (September 2007)

My Goa trip was not an awaited holiday. But it was made so suddenly and Goa was the destined place for sure. It was perfectly the right time and so research began about the places, which will be worth visiting and seeing. Most significantly of all, the cuisines- pure and typical Goan was not to be miss out. So, was raving up and seeing forward to the trip. It was only 4hrs, or so by Go air and well halted for an hour at Mumbai where many people joined us for their home town, or a visit to the Sand and Sun Paradise. We were too happy. It was like when the plane starts moving towards Goa,leaving the Mumbai shores as can be seen from the plane's window, it began in itself with the Goan journey-jovial and full of Cheers.It was a land for everyone. So, When the plane hit Dambolim Airport, my younger sister sitting just next to me has already started describing about how splendid and beautiful Goa is and keep telling me to have a Bird's eye view and love it. She has been to Goa before. For me it was my maiden visit. Ultimately, and obviously loving all of the journey. I can see whole of waters everywhere and greenery. It reminded me of my native place, Manipur as it is full of greenery. It was a very pleasant sight. The airport was not a big one in Goa with loads of Taxis to hire. On our way to our Residency, we listened to Radio Mirchi. Marathi and Konkani were used, learned a word or two from the Programmes going on. It was Aamchi Mumbai Style but very different from the Dilliwallas. Goans smile a lot from the heart. We also did exactly that. My sister, a friend and I were all engrossed in the journey which passes through coconut lined roads, beautiful Architectural designed houses, churches, rivers and soaking in the warm sun and the cool waters of the Arabian Sea. Our lovely journey of fun has already started and proud to say we, all ladies made it to Goa Trip. But we were also awaiting for the arrival of a cousin from Pune. She arrived a day later and thus began our sojourn and Adventure.

Friday, November 2, 2007


It was wildlife week. (1st-7th Oct),On the occasion, WWF came together with many programmes which were so many and exciting. Art Exhibition was one of them
So, it was art with a cause, named Earth on canvas(Art Campaigns for conservation). It features the Environmental perceptions of 84 artists. (30th Sept.2007- 7th Oct.2007). It was Contemporary art– India and WWF,India‘s joint venture to spread the message of Conservation. Displayed at WWF India- Secretariat, New Delhi and Inaugurated by Smt Gursharan Kaur,wife of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Dr Manmohan Singh. The exhibition showcases an interpretation of life on our planet and environmental concerns facing contemporary civilization, using art as a medium though creations both visual and physical, the artists’ creativity manifests some of the concerns of our present day Lives, provoking and inspiring enough to conserve the World.