Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Freedom and Independent India in 2007

Its been 60 years now since our Independence. Its very much a boon to be borned in a Free India, where we can say very easily," Mera Bharat Mahan ". But, Can we forget all those sacrifices made by our Freedom fighters as well as by the masses? The Bloodsheds, the chaos of a divided India -"Azad Bharat"into Pakistan and India.The pains of Separation, the Destruction, the Hindu Muslim riots, enmity, uncertainties of those Days. The thoughts that run on the minds of the Hindus who shifted to India - Will we ever see our India? And where People are free from the shackles and Shadows of the dominating Britishers looms large. But then, People traveled all the way to a free India with pining Hopes. Material Goods, they left behind and in the new hope of the Better Prosperous India, they clutches, only holds tightly to their few bare necessities and belongings and for their Dear life. It was a Mass sorrow, Struggle and Problem. Problems that were of the Country and that gave those People the much needed courage and overcome all the perils and dangers. I think in Today's India, 60 years later we are fulfilling those dreams, the dreams our Great leaders and our many unnamed fighters and masses once dreamt, without which it was a very unattainable, impossible fight and without a solution , an answer. Indeed ,we've somewhat fulfilled some of their dreams of a shining India, Prosperous and ever Dynamic, where there are no vagueness and insecurities, where the refugees shifted from Pakistan to Delhi and elsewhere can remember with a pride that they have come a long way and they have made, An India-A Dream come true. But I can never deny their tears whenever they enlightened me of those stories of partitions, their escape in the midst of mass killings with hurried desire and longings to reach India, losings many People's life, staying hungry, awake waiting for the much awaited dawn of security. The time has really come now with the 60 yrs of Freedom and Independent India. None of their sacrifices, valour, matrydom had gone waste. Because we, the Present youth and the whole of India believe in the Best of India and it will be a fulfilled Dream for all .. Vande Mataram .. Jai Hind.


  1. Amen!!!
    But for this dream to come true, we the youth have to work in this direction. The reverse brain drain which India is experiencing now is one of the finest exaples that youth are really interested in shining India. May God bless our effort.

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  3. India sure has a history of valour and strife behind its freedom struggle.

    But more than reminding the people of the hardships our comrades underwent 60 years ago, let's bring the sad plight of India in 2007b to their notice. A mere IT boom or 123 deal won't solve our problems.

    But there's no room for pessimism. Let's get going!

  4. hey ...
    really nice way of showing the true spirit of patroitism....we the youth can really make a differnce in achieving something which our freedom fighters has left for us

  5. You only have 1 post but already 4 comments. That's not bad. Keep up the good work. Hope to read more posts about the environment and other stuff. Cheers,

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