Friday, August 24, 2007

Can Children make a difference in the field of Environment ?

Some students from Delhi assembled in WWF, India for the 'All India Launch of Educational workshops on climate change' - Young Climate savers. It was good that it was a joint venture of WWF, India and Tetra Pak. Rounds of introductions and presentations followed by the Distinquished Guests as well as by Directors and CEO. But as the programme was wholly meant for the Young School Goers and how they should be made aware of the Drastic Climate change and Global Warming. Many kids from Sanskriti, Vasant Valley and other Schools in Delhi turned up for the occassion. Enthusiastic kids gave their view points and question sessions followed and continued for quite a long time. The children got their gifts for showing interest, asking questions, Presentations and their talks. These were one of the many endevours to encourage the School Students who are the future citizens to help bring about a change and make a difference to People's life in the field of Environment and Climate change as well as Wildlife. I think the Programme was a grand Sucess observing , noticing the Children's curiosity and rapt attention. It can just prove to be a very holistic aproach towards a Better Environment and a Living Planet.

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