Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ri Kynjai - Serenity by the Lake, Shillong... Meghalaya

Meghalaya Trip: Ri Kynjai

One of the best experiences being in Shillong, Meghalaya was the visit to Ryn Kynjai, Serenity by the Lakes. I really didn't have any idea of it though I was aware there were few good Hotels / Resorts in  Meghalaya.   We went there as our Family friend suggested and we decided and go out with a bang there. It was half an hour drive from hub of Shillong. The journey from main Shillong to Ryn Kynjai  was as good and enjoyable as the short visit to the picturesque resort which was one of its kind with its unique local Khasi Architectural designs of the cottages and the surroundings of greenery and lines of pine trees. As this was like not perfect or enough, it was further enhanced with the view of the  lake - The Umiam Lake.  



By the time, we reached Ryn Kynjai, it was evening. After half an  hour stroll, walk inside   the resort. We decided that it will be good to have our high tea there. The view from the Restaurant was just great as the Umiam lake can be seen there and the interior of the restaurant was done up with crafts and handicrafts of North Eastern part of the Country, India. So, there were pine cones and weaves from the North Eastern part of the country.      

The place was the right blend / marriage of the Traditional Khasi and the modern architectural designs. The cottages  were done up aesthetically, completed with the world class amenities of satellite Television,  Tea / coffee maker, Hot / Cold water, Room heater, Fireplace, Balcony sit out. Anyone wants more? I won't ask for more. The  Restaurant  was Multi-Cuisine  with a Bar completed with the artefacts procured  locally and  naturally, with the local handicrafts used on the table setting. How can I forget? I had the best Assam tea there and with the backdrop as the Umiam Lake, sitting inside the restaurant was just good time rolled on among Besties with  non ending chats, enjoying the place.  We were sure - on another world or perhaps out of this world experience... 



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