Friday, July 29, 2011

Mind Rolling Monastery

I fondly remember my visit to Mind Rolling Monastery. I was in Dehradun and was glad I got to visit the famous Monastery, which was in Clement Town. The roads outside and nearby the Monastery was rough and untidy, to be precise. Inside the premise, it was Mind rolling, signified its namesake, for it was quite, serene and lovely. Just "Bliss" to summarise and cut short.

My friend who has been staying at Dehradun for sometime because of her work told me that the Dumplings and chopsueys were so good and worth a try inside the Monastery.She loved visiting the place. The many shops have souvenirs and Tibeten artefacts, lovely decorative pieces and bangles.(One of my beautiful German colleague was so impressed about the bangle, when she saw me wearing it, in one of our jungle trips together . She kept on harping and sking where I have got it from. She liked it so much and told me that she will ask, one of her students to get it from Dehradun).

Inside the Monastery, there were so many monks doing about their daily rituals and chores. It was so beautiful and well maintained. Indeed,everything about the Mind Roling was clean, clear and peaceful.

In nearby places to the Monastery, I get to see a large Tibetan settlement. It was so nice to get a glimpse of the Stupa, i.e World's Largest Stupa, of the re-established Mindrolling Monastery from Tibet. I came to know it was inaugurated on 28th October 2002 and was surrounded by a 2-acre (8,100 m2) garden. Walking inside the monastery was relaxing. The food was good, though they only serve vegetarian tibetan cuisine. From the Monastery, I also got to see the tree canopies of the Rajaji National Park as they shared the borders with the Monastery.

There was also a high statue of Buddha, 103 feet (31 m)which was dedicated to the Dalai Lama. Inside the monastery, I felt as if I was not in India, but in some place secluded from this world. ( This was testified as all my friends kept on asking me where the location was, when they saw the stupa after I uploaded the pics in one of the social networking sites). And then to thier surprise, it was in India.

The Monastery also have a very prestigious college, Graphic Era Institute of Technology. Founded by Mr. Ghanshala. Many tourists thronged in there as well as Localites as it provided a sanctum to everyone.

I thanked my friend, in my heart of heart for taking me there. We have had a lovely time which remained so good even today, time and again...

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